Dead Sea Minerals as the Real Game Changer in Skin Care

The beauty care market is one of the fastest growing ventures. The selection of products continuously grow and more consumers are following these brands. Recently, the nutrient rich water of the dead sea is becoming a huge star in the beauty care market. The Dead Sea is popularly known for its high salinity. Though its name says that it is a “sea”,  Dead Sea is actually a lake that extends from Israel and Jordan to Palestine.

The Dead Sea as the rich pool of skin care nutrients

In every skin care department store in town, we will see one or two Dead Sea skin care products. There has been a huge hype over this precious skin care ingredient. Maybe some of you may even wonder what makes these Dead Sea minerals so good for the skin. As we all know, the Dead Sea lake is known for its extraordinary amount of salt. The very salt of the Dead Sea is the main source of nutrients that are used in skincare and other beauty care products. The popularity of Dead Sea minerals comes as close as the trend of using rose oil for skin or other essential oils.

Here are some of the Dead Sea skin benefits that make it one of the notable skin care products today:

  • Reduces aging signs – The minerals of the dead sea consists of calcium, magnesium, and bromide. These minerals help in pulling out wrinkles and other aging signs out of the skin. They also tighten the pores and the whole texture of the skin to keep it from sagging and forming aging signs.
  • Restores the healthy glow of the skin – The dead sea mud was used by ancient personalities like the famous pharaoh Cleopatra to revive the skin and keep it fully healthy.
  • Removes cellulite – No matter how you jog or walk, some cellulite is just stubborn. The minerals of the dead sea can help remove it for you with potassium, calcium, and magnesium.