The Dead Sea Project Proposals

The Dead Sea Power Project is a proposal that suggests the construction of a tunnel and hydropower mechanism that can produce 1500 to 2500 megawatts of clean and renewable electric energy. The value of such energy will be utilized by power generation once demand is high. The planned operation of the project also helps the Dead Sea regain the water it lost over the years. The proposal states that it should bring back the desired water level of the Dead Sea within seven years of operation; after that, the continued operation of the hydropower plant will be aided by the development of further desalination capacity to supply the water requirements of the surrounding regions.

Desalination plants can be erected on both Jordanian and Israeli sides of the Dead Sea and can be driven by electricity from the project itself, gas fired co-generation mechanisms and wind turbines. Such electricity facets can also be used to bring seawater into reservoirs on top of the mountains, which can be employed for desalination and generation of electric power as well. This power is definitely advantageous to those who enjoy playing on Wild Jackpots Casino mobile.

Over seven years, the project aims to restore the Dead Sea to acceptable levels, and thereby reverse the erosion and subsistence that is presently harming the area. Moreover, the placement of a deep layer of Med Sea wager on top of the Dead Sea will prevent the overturn of water in the Dead Sea that bears noxious gasses to the surface.

The planned yearly supply of Med Sea water through the project is set at around 5-billion cubic meters, which, after desalination can provide 500 cubic meters per person per annum for 8-million people. The threshold of the project is for 12-billion cubic meters annual flow—enough to deliver water for 20-million people.