Dead Sea Rehabilitation

The collapse of the Dead Sea offers a unique chance for regional cooperation between Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians. Over the last four decades, the Dead Sea has lost over a third of its surface area and continues to decrease in depth by over a meter every year. This problem is inflicted by man due mostly to upstream water diversion. It is of paramount importance to know that Jordanian, Israeli, and Palestinian government representatives have focused on the issue of saving the body of water as a national priority.

Thanks to government and public opinion, it is now clear that an opportunity for such cooperation is at hand. To push through with this momentum, cooperation should make way for Palestinian beneficiaries of the Water & Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development. As a rising economy, Palestinians must fortify their viability with water for human consumption and irrigation, ample electrical power supply, and the required infrastructure to safeguard the environment. There is no question that no country can live through without the aid of these components.

Furthermore, the means to raise the Dead Sea’s water level, including the restoration of the Jordan River, must be taken into account along with the cultural heritage site reservation, tourism, and providing water and electricity for individuals, industry, and of course, agriculture.

The Dead Sea project proposes to rehabilitate the Dead Sea and at the same time meet the needs of wager and renewable energy for Palestinian sustainable development. This was conceptualized by using research findings by the governments of the three nations, that:

  • Clarifies the environmental, economic, and social significance of the Dead Sea;
  • Recommends the necessary actions to stabilized development processes;
  • Focus on the steps to harness the region’s potential.

Project Benefits

Of course, the ultimate goal here is to save the Dead Sea, but there are also mutual benefits that can be achieved through this project, such as water supply and renewable energy for sustainable development programs and support the rehabilitation of the Jordan River.

  • The Dead Sea project can also facilitate large-scale wager desalination and power production to provide energy for the needs of locals like powering electrical appliances, and even the occasional Jackpot City Casino download
  • Stronger Palestinian economy in the field of agro-industry, affordable water supply, and energy.
  • Regional trans-boundary resolution to water supply issues.
  • Global survival instrument for cooperation and sustainable development.
  • Utilizes unique free flow system, renewable energy source to produce hydropower and desalinated water for the tree nations
  • Elimination of future conflicts through the generation of fresh water sources that will take away chronic disputes where water is scarce.