Discover the Healthy and Beauty Benefits of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is known for its nutrient rich waters. The whole ocean might just be the world’s biggest bucket of vitamins and minerals. As we’ve all known, there are no sea creatures that can survive the level of salinity of the dead sea. This is enough to conclude that every drop of the Dead Sea waters is rich in nutrients.

The entrance of dead sea in the market

Today, we will not only see the name “Dead Sea” from news and stories. The name is becoming really popular in the market. The biggest market to ever emerge today that uses Dead Sea minerals is cosmetics. Along with the best essential oils and top quality creams, Dead Sea facial masks are now becoming a thing. One of the leading brands today is Shiny Leaf. This brand is known for developing the best essential oils and Dead Sea facial masks today. The brand was able to harbor the rich skin care nutrients of the Dead Sea Salt.

The use of Dead Sea salt is of course not only popular in cosmetics. The nutrients of the Dead Sea are also used to create herbal remedies and industrial products like fertilizer.

The power of the Dead Sea

The whole Dead Sea stretches out from Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. The Dead Sea’s salinity is almost ten times greater than the normal oceans. The minerals of the water are highly rich in Potash which is the main component of fertilizers. The Dead Sea is also becoming one of the largest sources of medical nutrients. The minerals in the water have very low contents of pollens and allergens making it a safe base for medical aids.

About our sponsor

Shiny Leaf is a beauty brand that develops organic and all natural skin care products such as essential oils and facial masks. The brand also uses nutrients from the water of the Dead Sea to provide overall skin and hair care treatments.