Dead Sea level

Dead Sea level

The Dead Sea is an important part of Israel and Jordan, along the 67 kilometers of its shorts. The Dead Sea is part of the Israeli and Jordanian economy, the tourism map, beauty and Chemicals industry and history. Since the early days of the Israeli country, the Dead seas became one of the most important places, and it’s still like that today.

dead sea level

In the last 50 years, according to new researches, the sea level is lowering dramatically. Lower amount of rains in the area and the area around it, less and less water in the Jordan River and of course the natural evaporation brought the Dead Sea level to the lower level ever.  Israel decided to take an action and already came up with some idea’s to raise the Dead Sea level back up. Jordan and The Palestinians authorities are also part of the ideas since they are neighbors of the Dead Sea as well. Every year, the Dead Sea level is losing more than one meter and the total area of the sea looses around 15 square kilometers. This is a dead road for the Dead Sea and something needs to be done in order to save the Dead Seas and the Dead Sea level.

The Dead Sea project and the Canal are the plan that supposes to save the Dead Sea and keep its level the same, even to raise it slowly. The plan generally is to drive sea water from the Red Sea to the Dead Sea and to mix this water with the Dead Sea water. Aside from the ecological problems and the major influence on the unique water in the Dead Sea, the level will come up again.

The two countries governments, Israel and Jordan, and the Palestinians leaders already willing to start the project, since they understand the importance of it to themselves and top the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea project which planned by engineers from around the world is the answer to the Dead Sea level and to the dryness around it.