Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea Salt is maybe the most known salt in the world. Since the Dead Sea is the most salty lake in the world with more than 35% salt in its water, the products which produced from this lake are special and ensure high quality.

Dead Sea Salt is made to produce many types of bath salts, different salt scrubs, body lotion wraps, foot and hands scrubs, different kinds of mineral soaps, and other cosmetic and beauty products. All these products are sold around the world and known to be with high quality. In the Dead Sea water, the minerals you can find are the Sodium, Chloride, Bromide, Calcium and Potassium. All of these Chemicals are the heart of all cosmetic products and the heart of the Dead Seas salt production.

dead sea salt

Together with the beauty products you can produce from the Dead Sea salt, there are other applications’ as Aluminum oxide, Iron, Calcium oxide, Phosphorus pentoxide and many others. These minerals are for the Defense industry, gardening and building. Since the Dead Sea salt is so unique and important to the economy, the bad news about its future is dangerous. The future of the Dead Sea is not clear, but according to the last years, seems like it’s going to shrink to nothing. The lake is losing its water every year and scientists are talking about less than 30 years, than the Dead Sea will no longer be part of the view.

The immediate plans for the Dead Sea will save it from vanish, but will kill the Dead Sea salt industry. The plans are of course the Dead Sea project which about to drive water from the Red Sea, through the Arava desert to the Dead Sea and to save its level. The main problem is that the mixture of the water is bad to the Dead Sea salt level in the water and actually will delete its benefits. Along the years of dilution, the Dead Sea will have no more salty qualities and will remain just a salty lake. For the salt industry, it means deadly future.

Engineers and scientists are now working to understand how to preserve the Dead Sea salt level and its unique salty ingredients.