From the Dead Sea

From the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a source to so many things. This is why the news about the Dead Sea level and the bad news about what is about to happen to its salty ingredients are worrying. The people who are living around the Dead Sea can tell you all about the great things you can produce from the Dead Sea. People around the world, consumers of the Dead Sea salt products can tell you the same; the big question remains what will be the Dead Sera future?

There are so many different kinds of chemicals to produce from the Dead Sea. There is endless number of unique chemicals for the world’s industries. From the Dead Sea, they produced hundreds of beauty products, health products and body products. People from around the world are using Dead Sea face masks, mineral hand creams, Dead Sea mud and so on. All these products are great to the human body and skin and produced from the Dead Sea.

Other great product from the Dead Sea is the salt itself. The Dead Sea salt is in use in restaurants, and recipes around the world. People are saying that its taste is original and you can actually taste the Dead Sea in it.

More than all the products to produce from the Dead Sea, there is the tourism around the Sea itself. Sometimes you do not need to take anything away from the sea, but to go in the water and feel the salty water on your body. Thousands of tourists from around the world are coming to see the special lake on the border between Israel and Jordan, and to wet their bodies with its unique water. The tourism in the Dead Sea is not the biggest in the world, buts it’s the most unique one, since there is no other lake like it, on the planet.

Above it all, there is the Dead Sea region, the area around it and the people who are living near the Dead Sea.  Since the times of History, the Dead Sea was a special place, lake of charm. For the best of the region, the nations and the Middle East, the future of the Dead Sea is important. No more things to take from the Dead Sea, but to give.