Water desalination

Water desalination in the Dead Sea project

Talking about the Dead Sea project is like talking about the future of the Middle East. One of the main aspects and reasons to start this huge project is the need for water. The future of the Middle East, especially after so many years of wars and tense, is peace. In order to achieve this future, the whole area (just like other dry areas around the world) needs water. Part of the green energy that the Dead Sea project is about to produce, Water desalination in the Dead Sea project is maybe the number one goal.

Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt

The goal of Water desalination in the Dead Sea project contains two main issues, first is the drinking water and second is the water to deliver to the Dead Sea itself. The forecasts of the project are talking about more than 1.6 Billion cubic meter of water which are about to be desalinated in the Dead Sea project and will be delivered to the projects managers, Israel, The Palestinians and Jordan. This water supply will be the oxygen pipe to the area and to the people in it.

Jordan and Israel are already working to make the water desalination in the Dead Sea project into reality. Both countries understand the benefits of this kind of a project and already doing the research for it.  Since the huge amount of money involved, estimated to reach 15 billion dollar, the plans and organizations behind the Dead Sea project are as important as the project itself. International parties such the United Nations and the World Bank are already inducted to the Dead Sea Project. Governments around the world are also support the Dead Sea Project since its great potential to move forward the whole Middle East to better times, peace and stability.

The Dead Sea is shrinking; there is no doubt about it. In the last 18 years the sea level dropped down within 12 meters! The amount of water shrunk within more than 35%! Something must be done and the Dead Sea Project is maybe the right thing to do. Part of the historical and ecological importance of the Dead Sea, people are living around it and they need water to drink. The water desalination planes for the Dead Sea project were made in order to bring more life into the region.